Generic SKYRC GSM-015 GNSS GPS Speed Meter High Precision for RC Drone

    Stop wondering how fast your RC car can run and how high your RC Airplane or helicopter can fly. Now all these data come at your finger with the GNSS SPEED METER by SkyRC.This gadget is ideal for RC racing/flying and casual biking. driving and long journey.   The user could easily view the screen while working out data such as speed. altitude. total mileage/kilometer. longitude/latitude. It also records the top speed and top altitude for instant recall after the running and helps RC fans much to fine-tune their RC gadgets to achieve better performance.    Feature:   1.Measure Top Speed. Average Speed. and Top Altitude;  2.Concurrent reception of GPS & GLONASS;  3.GNSS Coordinator;  4.Update frequency up to 10Hz; 5.Built-in 1M flash (recording time: 2 hours);  6.UTC timestamp logged for each track point;  7.Built-in rechargeable. LiPo battery 200mAh (Operating time: 150     minutes);  8.Switch between Metric and Imperial system of Measurement;  9.GNSS LOGGER software for device management and data logging     on Bing Maps;  10.Firmware upgradeable.   Specification:   Concurrent reception of GPS & GLONASS  Receiver: L1. 1575.42 MHZ  Update frequency: 10 Hz.  Antenna type: Built-in  Satellite signal reception sensitivity: -167dBm Dimensions: 65.7X39.6X20.8mm  Weight: 45g  Operating temperature: 0⃠to 40⃠ Storage temperature: -10⃠to 70⃠ Operating humidety: 5% to 90%   Package Included:   1 X SKYRC GSM-015 GNSS Speed Meter
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